Knowledgable neutral. Highly credentialed mediator, arbitrator and facilitator.
The neutral resolution of healthcare conflicts and disputes, serving physicians, hospitals and patients.
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The Mediation Process

The first step is buy-in by the organizational leadership. Success in organizational conflict resolution requires a culture that understands the role of mediation.

The chosen mediator meets with everyone in joint session to explain the process, to gain a basic understanding of the issues and to help the parties define, generally speaking, a desired conclusion.

"My approach is to ensure, as completely as possible, an understanding by all sides at the table."
— Donald L. Mellman
Then there'll be interviews with each party in sessions called "caucuses" to allow the mediator to better understand the issues from each person's individual standpoint, to get both parties to think "outside the box" about potential solutions. The mediator will ask what information, if any, may be shared with the other party and may bring potential solutions from one party to the other.

There may be a bumpy road ahead.

The trained mediator must demonstrate neutrality while attempting to understand the dynamics of the conflict, including issues of power. Everyone must respect confidentiality, and he or she will remain patient with all parties and generate a climate of cooperation. The parties alternate between caucuses and joint sessions. Some mediation sessions may take place over several days. All mediations are different.

At the end, the agreed-upon solution is usually put in writing and signed by each of the parties.

Independent arbitration

As a member of an arbitration panel, Dr. Mellman is experienced with and able to mediate or to be an arbitration panel member on matters that are two- or multi-partied, a hospital or a group. In independent arbitration, the group begins with a different understanding, that is, that members will agree to the arbitrator's solution.