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Digital illustrations, created using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

Year 2000
Card Exchange

Four faces
Eye in Window
Funny Microphone

A sampling of illos and sketches for ads and storyboards, pencil and colored marker

Man with several phones
Phone guy with watch
Golf guy with phone
Woman with phone
Hardhat construction
At desk with phone
Guys in the gym
Lady with Spoon
Lady with a cold drink
Kid with thumb
Couple glancing
Lady with pie
Lady with big smile
Robin Leach 1
Robin leach 2
Girl peeking
Two hardhats

Garden hose 1
Garden Hose 2
Garden hose 3

Homer the Dragon, early 70s, a mascot I inherited for Home Bank, Meridien, Connecticut, brush and ink for large-space newspaper reproduction

Dragon in car
Dragon with house
Dragon laying bricks

I sold some of these illos in the early 70s, brush and ink

Spiro Agnew

Vice President Spiro Agnew


Todd Rundgren

Hendrix dead

Jimi Hendrix

Chimp with pills
40s photo

Baseball player