Fish Rhode Island waters on the Hot Pursuit with veteran charter captain Charlie Johnson.

Departing Snug Harbor
410 Gooseberry Rd.
Wakefield, RI

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Charter Rates

Deposit to reserve a trip, $200.

Eight hours inshore (bass, blues and bottom fishing), $800.

Ten to 12 hours offshore, starting at $1000, depends on distance to fish.

Call for current details on where the fish are and the costs to get to those fish.

We have a mate on board. The customary tip paid directly to the mate is 15% to 20%.

We can take a maximum of six passengers, but five or less is comfortable.

Send deposit to:

Capt. Charlie Johnson
40 Melbourne Road
Warwick, RI 02886

We recommend switching offshore trips to inshore if there is little chance of catching tuna. That way, the party can still enjoy the action of catching fish.


Cancellations must be made ten days in advance for return of your deposit.

Weather cancellations are made by the captain, usually at the dock on the day of the trip. You may reschedule, or we will return your deposit.

What to Bring

Depending on the weather, you should bring sun items (hat, sun block, etc.) or rain gear.

Wear non-marking, slip-resistant shoes.

Food and drinks packed in one cooler if possible.

Camera if wanted.

Empty cooler(s) left in the car to take home fish.

What Not to Do
or Bring

Don’t eat greasy foods for breakfast.

Don’t party the night before a trip.

Don’t take Dramamine when already out on the water. Most of the time it will make you even more sick.

No hard liquor. No illegal drugs.

Catch Policy

Fish meeting regulations are yours to keep, except bluefin tuna 73 inches long and greater. These belong to the boat and captain by federal regulation.