The neutral resolution of healthcare conflicts and disputes, serving physicians, hospitals and patients

Dr. Mellman

Mission Mellman Solutions’ mission is to improve administration-physician and physician-physician partnerships. The result will be to improve relationships to of patient safety and cost-effective quality health care.

Vision To be the leader in the improvement in domestic and international healthcare delivery.

Services Dr. Mellman is board-certified in neurosurgery, a fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is certified in Health Care Compliance, he has a doctorate of medicine and a master’s degree in public health and business administration.

For 26 years, he was in the private practice of neurosurgery. For the last ten years, he has been a chief medical officer at two teaching hospitals: one, a community hospital in Colorado, and the other, a county hospital in Southern California.

He has been an expert witness for both the defense and plaintiff in medical and legal matters. He is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Civil Circuit mediator and is qualified to be an arbitration panel member:

  • — Having active medical licenses in Florida and California
  • — Operating a board-certified private practice in neurological surgery
  • — Giving direct patient care
  • — Serving as physician leader, and
  • — Serving as chief medical officer at community and county teaching hospitals
  • — In the plaintiff and defense medical-legal matters
  • — Policy and management as a qualified arbitrator
  • — Independent contractor to a major hospital turnaround company, and
  • — A Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator.

International interests include active involvement in the high-conflict issues of climate change, torture and human trafficking.

With multiple graduate degrees and continuing advanced education, published articles and lectures, Mellman Solutions is well credentialed to provide healthcare relationship management services of the highest quality.

Dr. Mellman lectures to law students on health care conflict and quality issues. He recently lectured to Palestinian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on conflict management.

And he has provided neurosurgical consultation in Kosovo and Gaza.