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David Alger, The Tractor Guy, does not sell anything. You buy your own loam, gravel, mulch, even fence posts, and any other material needed for your project.

We charge by the day! This allows you to prioritize your projects and have complete control of your budget for the project. A day means that the equipment leaves northeastern Rhode Island at 7 am and returns 5 pm.

new house in Jamestown with a nice driveway

Control your expense by knowing that prices you pay for materials are at your cost with no add-ons. it allows you to continue using the suppliers that have treated you fairly in the past.

We work Saturdays and Sundays (as expected, these are premium days and book very quickly for an additional $50 per day.

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Most of our work is done independently, however we very much enjoyed working with you.

Sharing our services with your neighbors is acceptable. We feel that as long as we don't have to move the equipment, what's the difference?

loam well-spread

Some of our customers have major projects which they were able to schedule based on available funds and some schedule ongoing projects.

Our work comes with 100% guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we expect no payment.

No down payment is required for booking. Things can change for many reasons. Weather also plays a role in scheduling, and we will work with you.

We prefer to visit the site prior to the work to discuss the project, make recommendations, and be prepared to bring the necessary equipment to complete the job.

We offer dump truck service for $25 up to 10 miles from the worksite and $1 per mile thereafter.

The backhoe is used for digging in a confined area and has multiple uses in your yard.
Front End Loader
Besides pulling all of the equipment, the tractor has a front end loader used to move product throughout your yard. It digs, pushes, and pulls whatever you want. You can move piles of stuff all over your property in minutes. It does weeks of yard work in hours.
The box blade is used for ripping up soil and laying it back down evenly. It works kind of like a Zamboni does on ice. It has six cutting teeth to rip the soil.
Grader Blade
The grader blade is used to level ground, scrape the ground, and sculpt the grade.
Brush Hog
The brush hog is used for clearing land and cutting brush up to one inch in diameter. It is capable of clearing a field of grass and brush in a 42-inch swath.
Landscaper Rake
The landscaper rake is used to level and spread soil, while separating stones and other debris. It prepares the soil for planting.
Post-hole digger
The post-hole digger will drill a hole up to 12 inches in diameter x 4 feet deep. IT can be used to set posts, plant shrubs, prepare ground for a fire pit or anything else that requires drilling a hole into the ground.
Rip blade
The rip blade is used to pull roots and rocks. It makes quick work of installing an invisible dog fence or patio lighting.
The roller is used in combination with the other implements when leveling soil, building driveways, sidewalks and patios. It provides compression of soil and a combination of raking and rolling provides for a nice smooth surface.