General Leland Masters (Norman Lloyd)
The Washington, DC, Arc
Washington, D.C.’s Victims
  • Day One
  • Valenti killed by an assassin.
  • Day Four
  • Day Seven
  • Day Nine
  • General Leland Masters shoots
    Strichen in front of the senate.
  • Meet Mike McPike
  • To Die in Bettendorf
  • McPike shoots Sid Royce in front
    of his ex-wife.
  • Romp
  • Total Dead, 3
  • Best killer in this arc
    Leland Masters, 1 dead
  • Frank McPike, 1 dead
Recurring characters: Leland Masters: Norman Lloyd; Walter Strichen: Stephen Joyce; Katherine Gallagher: Kim Greist; DeWitt Clipton: Robert Harper; Prescott Wilson: Ford Rainey; Attorney General: Jason Bernard; Biggs: Stan Shaw; Senator Getzloff: Goergann Johnson; Senator Pickering: Ray Stricklyn

Day One
(Original airdate: 11/29/89)
Writer: David J. Burke & Stephen Kronish and Alfonse Ruggiero Jr. & Clifton Campbell;
Director: Mario Van Peebles

Vinnie is called to Washington to investigate a counterfeiting operation designed to sabotage the Japanese economy. Frank warns Vinnie to be careful, that there is some kind of power play going on, because Paul was mysteriously sent to Thailand, leaving Mark in charge. Vinnie suspects Masters wants to set him up for throwing the coup of Isle Pavot. Mark is relieved of duty when he loses control after his former mentor is murdered. Vinnie meets Kate Gallagher.

Day Four
(Original airdate: 12/6/89)
Writer: David J. Burke & Stephen Kronish and Alfonse Ruggiero Jr. & Clifton Campbell; Director: Reynaldo Villalobos

In the aftermath of economist Valenti’s assassination [he was working on something called “Non-Genuine Destabilization”], new paths open in Vinnie’s investigation of the plot to disrupt the Japanese economy. Although Vinnie strongly suspects that Masters is behind the plot, he follows the trail Masters sets out for him. Vinnie and Kate both go to Utah to track down the mysterious Mr. Wilson.

Day Seven
(Original airdate: 12/13/89)
Writer: David J. Burke & Stephen Kronish and
Alfonse Ruggiero Jr. & Clifton Campbell; Director: William A. Fraker

Vinnie and Dan find evidence of the counterfeiting ring in Utah, but it seems to have come too easily, so Vinnie heads into the mountains to meet a billionaire recluse who might hold the key to the truth in the case. Frank and Vinnie convince Senator Pickering to delay passage of Senator Getzloff’s trade bill while they search for the plane carrying the yen. Masters presents the Attorney General with photos of Vinnie and Kate talking with Wilson, as well as the printing plate with Vinnie’s prints on it. Frank is ordered to arrest Vinnie.

Day Nine
(Original airdate: 12/20/89)
Writer: David J. Burke & Stephen Kronish and Alfonse Ruggiero Jr. & Clifton Campbel; Director: Les Sheldon

Vinnie is the fall guy in the alleged plot to disrupt the Japanese economy, prompting the Attorney General to launch a classified Senate investigation that could cost Vinnie his badge. Fearing her career is ruined, Kate attempts suicide. After hearing all the evidence, the Attorney General relieves Vinnie of his duties, stating there’s enough to prosecute him for treason. Prescott Wilson arrives and places all the blame on Masters. Masters goes off the deep end and kills Strichen. Vinnie is cleared of all charges.

Meet Mike McPike
(Original airdate: 1/10/90)
Writer: Frank Megna; Director: Robert Woodruff

During a budget meeting, Frank gets a call from Jenny that his father is causing trouble at the rest home he’s at. Frank takes Mike home while he looks for a new home for him. Mike tells Frank he’s not going to leave until Frank reconciles with Jenny. Vinnie takes Mike to a bar for lunch, and the old man gets them into a brawl. Jenny reluctantly agrees to have dinner with Frank and Mike. Mike realizes Frank and Jenny aren’t going to get back together, so he allows Frank to find him a new rest home. Guest Cast: Dr. Tower: Matthew Faison; Adele: Florence C. Peterson; Carl: Andre Mayres

To Die in Bettendorf
(Original airdate: 1/17/90)
Writer: Morgan Gendel; Director: Jorge Montesi

Steelgrave’s former accountant, Sid Royce, is suffering in the Witness Protection life Frank assigned him [with the name Elvis Prim, and working in an athletic shoe store named Sport Shoes, one of Frank’s favorite epithets]. When his wife leaves, he snaps and decides to get revenge against Frank for destroying his life. Jenny agrees to have dinner with Frank, then invites him back home. Their romantic evening is destroyed when Sid pulls a gun on them. Jenny talks Sid into letting Frank go by convincing him she’s his missing wife. Frank kills Sid in front of Jenny [with a rifle shot], ending whatever chance they might have had at reconciling. Guest Cast: Sid Royce/Elvis Prim: Dennis Lipscomb; Lucas: David Myers; Allison : Holland Taylor

(Original airdate: 2/7/90)
Writer: Davey Lovejoy; Director: Ken Wahl

Feeling lonely, Vinnie joins his old buddy Mike Caccatori at the bachelor party for their high-school friend Jimmy “The Legend” Vitale, but the trio’s friendship is put to the test when Jimmy reveals that he’s broke and owes money to a loan shark. It ends up being a dream. Guest Cast: Jimmy Vitale: Jim Youngs; Ray Spiotto: Xander Berkely; Debbie Amico: Mariska Hargitay