The Guzman Arc
Guzman’s Victims
  • Fruit of The Poisonous Tree
  • Pina, Ruiz and Colonel Hector Guerrera from a White Hand death squad take Vinnie away and kill him under orders from the Salvadorian Deputy Minister of Defense Diaz
  • Colonel Guerrera lets Pina and Ruiz kill before they reach the Amercan ground
  • Other prisoners throw Hector Guerrera to his death in prison
  • Black Gold
  • Guzman lets a black leader be hanged.
  • The Gift
  • Meltdown
  • Guzman shoots his former right hand and his brother to save Santana.
  • La Mina
  • An albino commits suicide in his bath.
  • Witness Protection for the Archangel Lucifer
  • Guzman killed by a La Mano Blanco death squad
  • Point of No Return
  • Dead Right
  • Changing Houses
  • The principal of a school got killed by some of his students.
  • Total dead, 14
  • Most kills Colonel Hector Guerrer,
    2 dead
  • Amado Guzman, 2 dead
  • Alfonso Pino, 1 dead
  • Ruiz, 1 dead
Recurring characters: Guzman: Maximilian Schell; Dag Machado: Carlos Gomez: Winston Chambers III: Fredric Lehne; Gacha: Alex Panas

Fruit of the Poisonous Tree
(Original airdate: 11/10/90)
Writer: Peter Lance (Story by Stephen J. Cannell & Peter Lance & Rafael Lima); Director: Jan Eliasberg

(Two hours) While Frank is in Washington to talk to Paul about returning to work, Dan calls to say Vinnie missed his last check-in. Frank goes to Vinnie’s house and finds evidence that he was kidnapped. Despite Paul’s objections, Frank begins his own investigation, finding out from Carlotta that Vinnie was looking into the death of a priest in El Salvador. Frank follows the trail to Miami and Michael Santana, a disbarred Federal prosecutor, and the last person Vinnie contacted. Santana refuses to help Frank, saying he doesn’t know anything about Vinnie’s disappearance. Digging deeper, Frank stumbles upon a CIA investigation and is ordered to back off. Frank enlists the help of the local OCB office and they track the men who kidnapped Vinnie to a death squad in San Salvador. White tells Frank that Vinnie is suspected of gunrunning. The men who kidnapped Vinnie are returned to the States, dead. Frank searches them and finds Vinnie’s crucifix on one of them. Frank has Guerrera arrested for Vinnie’s death. Santana finally agrees to help Frank investigate Guzman. Frank flies back to New York and delivers a eulogy at Vinnie’s memorial service, then announces to everyone that Vinnie was an undercover Fed. Guest Cast: Col. Guerrera: Mario Ernesto Sanchez

Black Gold
(Original airdate: 11/17/90)
Writer: Bill Bludworth (Story by Stephen J. Cannell & Peter Lance & Rafael Lima); Director: Jorge Montesi

Guzman promotes Santana. Frank and Santana drift into a new case when they find Haitian boat people in Guzman’s warehouse. Frank tells Santana about a pact he and Vinnie had in case either was to die: Vinnie wanted his ashes spread around first base in Yankee Stadium, and Frank wanted Vinnie to take Drake fishing every year on the anniversary of his death. Guest Cast: De Jol: Badja Djola; Cheput: Colson F. Gilkes

The Gift
(Original airdate: 11/24/90)
Writer: Stephen J. Cannell; Director: Jorge Montesi

Santana goes undercover to deal with a pair of brothers from the underworld who want a load of Guzman’s gold. The brothers suspect Santana and scare Dahlia as a warning to him. Frank sets Santana up with Lifeguard.

La Mina
(Original airdate: 12/1/90)
Writer: Peter Lance; Director: Colin Bucksey

Guzman lets Santana in on his money-laundering operation, giving Santana and Frank a perfect opportunity to clean out his enterprise. Guzman panics as the trap folds in and escapes to the Salvadoran embassy. Guest Cast: Mendosa: Rene Rokk; Albino: Raul Santidrian; Jake: Mark Macauley

Witness Protection for the Archangel Lucifer
(Original airdate: 12/8/90)
Writer: Peter Lance and Rafael Lima (Story by Stephen J. Cannell & Peter Lance); Director: Jorge Montesi

Hiding in El Salvador, Guzman asks Santana to Santana comes up with a plan to bring Guzman down. Guzman gets hauled back to US, where he negotiates amnesty for testimony against Gacha. Dahlia is killed. Hillary testifies against Gacha and he’s convicted. Guzman tells Frank he knows who put the order out to kill Vinnie, and tells him when Frank promises to move him from a safe house in North Dakota to an estate in [St.Petersburg,] Florida. Guzman is killed by La Mana Blanca [plastic bag over the head].

Point of No Return
(Original airdate: None – available only in syndication)
Writer: Brick Choy; Director: Colin Bucksey

Depressed over Dahlia’s death, Santana refuses Frank’s offer to join the OCB and goes to visit his sister. When her husband disappears, he finds out they’re in serious financial trouble. Santana finally tracks down his brother-in-law and finds out he took off rather than turn into a corrupt cop. Santana joins the OCB when Frank tells him how much money he can earn. Santana agrees, if they’ll forego him having to go through training and send his sister the money. Guest Cast: Richie Burns: Jim Youngs; Lt. James: Art La Fleur

Dead Right
(Original airdate: None – available only in syndication)
Writer: James Kearns; Director: Tucker Gates

Due to budget cut backs, the OCB is shut down, and Frank and Santana are assigned to NYC District Attorney’s office. Hillary brings them a new case dealing with faulty helicopter parts. Guest Cast: Jack Bishop: Stephen Root; Daryl Jenkins: John Cothran, Jr.; Sue Cudahy: Michele Goddger

Changing Houses
(Original airdate: None – available only in syndication)
Writer: Stephen J. Cannell; Director: Gus Trikoni

Santana works on investigating drugs at his niece’s high school after she is shot. This was the beginning of an arc that was never completed. Guest Cast: Jesse Hains : Billy Dee Williams; Mrs. Hains: Beverly Todd; Principal: Oliver Platt; Mayor Flanagan: Wayne Tippit