Albert Cerrico (Robert Davi)
The Mafia Arc, aka Garbage Wars
Garbage War’s Victims
  • Le Lacrime de Amore
  • A Rightful Place
  • Carlo shoots Ziffo
  • Joey Grosset shoots the assassin who failed in killing don Aiuppo
  • Battle of the Barge
  • Gina Grosset shoots Chin.
  • Sins of the Father
  • Heir to the Throne
  • Albert shoots Joey in his car after a showdown.
  • Gina shoots Carlo after proposing Albert to be the head of the table.
  • Sleepwalk
  • How Will They Remember Me?
  • Two friends of John Terranova
    kill his boss.
  • People Do It All the Time
  • The Reunion
  • Total Dead , 5
  • Best killer in this arc
    Gina Grosset, 2 dead
  • Carlo, 1 dead
  • Albert Cerrico, 1 dead
  • Joey Grosset, 1 dead
Recurring characters: Albert Cerrico: Robert Davi; Joey Grosset: John Snyder; Gina Grosset: Anne De Salvo; Carlo Spoletta: Michael Chiklis; Alex Vechoff: Alexander Bruhanski

The Four-letter Word
(Le Lacrime de Amore, Part 1)
(Original airdate: 5/24/89)
Writer: Suzanne Oshry & John Schulian; Director: Frank Johnson

Vinnie warns Amber about her lawyer, but Amber thinks he’s just jealous. Vinnie runs into an old high school buddy who urges Vinnie to pursue Amber. Vinnie uncovers proof Roger is conning Amber into selling Shakala. Amber and Vinnie fall in love. Guest Cast; Roger: Thomas Ian Griffith

Le Lacrime de Amore
(Le Lacrime de Amore,Part 2)
Writer: Alfonse Ruggiero Jr. & Clifton Campbell; Director: Bill Corcoran

Carlotta and Rudy return to the States when they hear about Amber. Carlotta thinks Amber isn’t right for Vinnie. Rudy takes Vinnie to the Commission and tells them that Vinnie is under his protection, even though he’s not in the business. Frank is overjoyed to learn that Vinnie has been introduced to the Commission. Vinnie tells Amber he’s a cop and proposes to her. Rudy is shot, forcing Vinnie to become embroiled in a brewing mob war. This sets up the Mafia arc at the beginning of third season.

A Rightful Place
(Original airdate: 9/20/89)
Writer: David J. Burke; Director: Robert Iscove

While keeping vigil over Rudy, Vinnie learns that Grosset’s father-in-law was also hit, setting up a power struggle within the mob. Albert [he owns Tosca Cartage] courts Vinnie’s alliance by letting him in on his plan to smuggle millions of dollars worth of heroin into the country. Vinnie goes to the Commission and demands Rudy’s seat at the table. Guest Cast: Jennie: Mariangela Pino

Battle of the Barge
(Original airdate: 9/27/89)
Writer: Clifton Campbell; Director: Robert Iscove

The tension mounts between Cerrico and Grosset over control of the garbage collection business. Grosset forms an uneasy alliance with Chin. Carlotta urges Rudy to get better and get Vinnie out of the middle of the impending mob war. The OCB closes down the explosives factory in Chinatown. Gina kills Chin. After an assassination attempt at the opera, Amber tells Vinnie to move out. Guest Cast: Chin: George Kee Cheung

Sins of the Father
(Original airdate: 10/4/89)
Writer: Stephen Kronish; Director: David J. Burke

Frank wants to pull Vinnie off the case when he finds out that Alatorre plans to expose Vinnie as the head of the Commission in a news conference. Albert is distraught when his son is expelled from school because of his recent press coverage. Rudy calls Alatorre to his hospital room to show that he is back in the country, taking the heat off Vinnie. Guest Cast: Peter Alatorre: Chazz Palminteri

Heir to the Throne
(Original airdate: 10/11/89)
Writer: Alfonse Ruggiero Jr.; Director: Bill Corcoran

Rudy discovers Joey’s plan to kill him, Albert and Vinnie, so sets his own plan into operation by convincing Albert he must kill Grosset. Albert and Joey have a showdown that ends with Joey dead and Albert in jail for his murder. Wanting her due, Gina sets up a meet with the Commission to offer them Albert’s heroin deal. When Frank easily affects the arrest of the Commission, Vinnie begins to suspect that Rudy set everything up for them

(Original airdate: 10/25/89)
Writer: David J. Burke & Clifton Campbell; Director: Matthew Meshekoff

Frank and Dan urge Vinnie to try and reconcile with Amber. At their urging, he goes to her, they make love, then she demands that they see a counselor. Following their therapist’s advice, they go away for the weekend, where they both realize they’re too involved in their careers to be able to maintain a relationship with each other. Guest Cast: Fred: Ebbe Roe Smith

How Will They Remember Me?
(Original airdate: 11/1/89)
Writer: Stephen Kronish & Alfonse Ruggiero Jr. (Story by Ken Wahl & David J.Burke and Stephen Kronish & Alfonse Ruggiero Jr.); Director: William A.Fraker

When a local priest finds a box that belonged to Pete, he takes it to Vinnie, who finds a diary of his father’s inside. As he reads it, he finds out about a dark episode involving his father and the local mob. The episode uses black and white film and familiar faces to bring John’s diary to life. Guest Cast: Theresa: Patti D’Arbanville; Nick: Jesse Doran; Angelo: Robert Miranda; Sam Roselli: Chazz Palminteri; Younger Marie: Mimi Lieber; John Terranova: Ken Wahl

People Do It All the Time
(Original airdate: 11/8/89)
Writer: Suzanne Oshry (Story by David Braden & David Curan); Director: Jonathan Sange

Vinnie and Frank try to cheer up Dan, who’s depressed about becoming a grandfather. When Lauren finds a phony check in her husband’s pocket, she asks Dan to investigate, and he uncovers a scam a local builder is using to bilk his insurance company. The builder is shut down, throwing Stephen out of a job and making him decide to leave town. Cast: Stephen: John Philbin; Morgan: Dion Anderson

The Reunion
(Original airdate: 11/15/89)
Writer: David J. Burke & Alfonse Ruggiero Jr. (Story by Don Kurt); Director: William A. Fraker

Vinnie attends his 15-year high school reunion and bumps into two old friends, one a mob lawyer and one a detective. Vinnie is torn between telling Denise he’s a cop and protecting his cover. Frank tells Vinnie that Denise has bugged his house, making Vinnie furious and determined to teach Denise a lesson. Denise and Mooch get married. Guest Cast: Denise: Cathy Moriarty; Tiny: Lenny Termo