Winston Newquay (Tim Curry)
“Vinnie Terranova...a haircut and two pinky rings.”
The Music Arc
Music Arc’s Victims
  • Hip Hop On The Gravy Train
  • Claudia Newquay (Diedre Hall) and Eddie Tempest are both killed when they fall through a skylight, while making love to each other
  • Living and Dying in 4/4 Time
  • Isaac Twine (Paul Winfield) suffers a massive heart attack and later dies.
  • Total dead, 3
Debby Harry and Tim Curry
Recurring characters: Bobby Travis: Glenn Frey; Winston Newquay [formerly Sammy Fishbein]: Tim Curry; Isaac Twine: Paul Winfield; Amber Twine: Patti D’Arbanville; Diana Price: Deborah Harry; Claudia Newquay: Diedre Hall; Eddie Tempest: Billy Wirth; Johnny Medley: Paul McCrane; Tanya Medley: Pamela Segall; Monroe Blue: Ron Taylor; Paulburt: Paul Jarrett

Dead Dog Lives
(Original airdate: 3/1/89)
Writer: David J. Burke & Stephen Kronish; Director: Gus Trikonis

Frank swaps the DEA Pinzolo’s jet for a small record company, then allows Vinnie to run it. Bobby talks Vinnie into hiring him by promising Vinnie he’ll teach him all he needs to know about the business. Getting caught up in the glamour, Vinnie decides he’s going to revive Diana’s career [he finds her singing in a bar] by having her cut a record [of her own songs, particularly “Looking on the Bright Side,” which she is discouraged from singing at her cheap gigs].

And It Comes Out Here
(Original airdate: 3/8/89)
Writer: David J. Burke & Stephen Kronish; Director: Bill Corcoran

Despite Paul’s misgivings, Vinnie uses Diana’s record to start a bidding war in the hopes of selling Dead Dog to a bigger label. When Vinnie signs elusive [superstar] James Eliot [after a game of air hockey, and only as a consultant], Newquay offers to buy Dead Dog without Vinnie, Bobby or Diana. [Newquay about Vinnie: “...a haircut and two pinky rings.”] Diana balks at Newquay’s offer, revealing they used to be lovers. Contrary to Frank’s wishes, Vinnie sells Dead Dog to Isaac. Frank warns Vinnie that Newquay has been digging into Vinnie’s past. Guest Cast: Eliot: Mick Fleetwood

The Rip-Off Stick
(Original airdate: 3/22/89)
Writer: Stephen Kronish & David J. Burke ; Director: Mario Azzopardi

Vinnie bails Monroe out of jail, then tells him to help Diana work on some songs. Vinnie begins to wonder about Isaac’s honesty when he gets a $57,000 bill for bogus record returns. Winston crashes Diana’s party to show off Eddie Tempest. Diana succumbs to Winston’s charms, then tells Vinnie she has to get out of the country to get away from him. When Vinnie gives Diana money to leave, Winston demands to know where she is, getting furious when Vinnie refuses to tell him.

High Dollar Bop
(Original airdate: 4/5/89)
Writer: Alfonse Ruggiero Jr. & John Schulian; Director: Douglas Jackson

Sensing Eddie’s unhappiness with Newquay, Vinnie tries to lure him away by promising him he can work with Monroe. Winston finds out and has Medley thrown off a roof as a warning to Vinnie. Bobby travels to Japan and finds evidence that Twine may be cheating him and Vinnie. Isaac loses Shakala to Newquay in a crooked poker game. Frank talks Isaac into helping him gather evidence against Newquay.

Amber Twine (Patty D’Arbanville)
Hip Hop on the Gravy Train
(Original airdate: 4/12/89)
Writer: Suzanne Oshry; Director: Helaine Head

Amber talks Winston into letting her and Isaac run Shakala at Radiance. Feeling like he’s at a dead end, Vinnie urges Bobbuy to make his own way inside Radiance while he starts turning up the heat under Winston. Isaac agrees to dig up information for Frank. Vinnie urges Claudia to take a more active part in Radiance. Eddie is furious when the check he uses to buy his mother a house bounces. Claudia begins an affair with Eddie, and both are killed when they fall through a skylight. [Winston discovers the bodies and chortles to his little dog Speckles.] Guest Cast: Shake: Blu Mancuma

The One That Got Away
(Original airdate: 5/3/89)
Writer: David J. Burke & Alfonse Ruggiero Jr.; Director: Jorge Montesi

Winston serves Vinnie with an order to vacate, which Vinnie counters with the vow that he’s going to stay at Radiance for the duration of his contract, causing Winston to dig deeper into Vinnie’s past. Winston orders Vinnie and Bobby to work in the mailroom. Bobby uncovers Vinnie’s file, which was sent to Winston [by a congressional aid], and confronts Vinnie about being a cop. Winston is arrested when he agrees to buy the illegal tape of Eddie from Isaac. [The setup is at a power breakfast in a hotel. The recording is done through Bobby’s portable phone.] Guest Cast: Kenderson: Jeff Irvine; Senator Trent : Ken Budd; Lawyer: Ron Chartier

Living & Dying in 4/4 Time
(Original airdate: 5/10/89)
Writer: Stephen Kronish & John Schulian; Director: James Contner

Just as Frank’s suspected, the case against Winston is thrown out of court as entrapment, pushing the investigation back to square one. Vinnie urges Bobby to start working away at Winston from inside Radiance by contacting all of the acts and showing them how badly Winston has been ripping them off. Isaac suffers a massive heart attack and later dies [while having sex with Amber in his hospital bed]. Winston goes mad [after dancing on Isaac’s grave in white tie and tails. We last see him performing “Be-Bop-a-Lula” to himself, dressed in leather, in front of a full-length mirror in his office]. Bobby gets Dead Dog. Amber gets Shakala back. Guest Cast: Peter: Lee Taylor; Hobbs: Stephen E. Miller

Call It Casaba
(Original airdate: 5/17/89)
Writer: Clifton Campbell, Alfonse Ruggiero Jr. & David J. Burke; Director: Gus Trikonis

Wrapping things up at Shakala, Frank reminds Vinnie that they’re scheduled to go fishing in the morning. Vinnie and Amber go to dinner, stay up all night talking. Vinnie is surprised to find they’re going fishing with Lifeguard, who is in an emotional struggle over his daughter’s plans to marry. Frank, Vinnie and Dan have a long talk about relationships around the campfire. Dan agrees to meet his future son-in-law. Frank tries to reconcile with Jenny. Vinnie decides to go after Amber. Guest Cast: Matt : Barry Greene; Shirley: Coletta Wise; John: Peter Anderson