Knox Pooley (Fred Thompson)
“Don’t blame the Jews for doing it,
blame yourselves for letting them.”
The Neo-Nazi Arc
Neo Nazi’s Victims
  • Going Home
  • Stan Orker hits Pete Terranova with his pickup.
  • School of Hard Knox
  • Stan Orker shoots a black police officer when robbing an armored car.
  • Hollins, Orker and other Pilgrims kill Warren Pike.
  • Revenge of the Mud People
  • Stan Orker hangs himself in his cell.
  • The Last of the True Believers
  • Calvin Hollins kills a TV-talker in the toilet with his award.
  • Calvin Hollins kills one of his own men while taking black leader Thurman McGill hostage.
  • Calvin Hollins accidentally shoots Thurman and dies in the following explosion.
  • Aria for Don Aiuppo
  • Total dead, 8
  • Most kills
    Calvin Hollins, 4 dead
  • Stan Orker, 4 dead (including himself)
Recurring characters: Knox Pooley: Fred Dalton Thompson; Calvin Hollis: Paul Guilfoyle; Richie: Tim Guinee; Stan Corker: Jack Orend; Warren Pike: Marshall Bell

Going Home
(Original airdate: 10/26/88)
Writer: David J. Burke; Director: Les Sheldon

After resigning, Vinnie returns to his old neighborhood [and works in a garage] to try and get some peace after his life undercover [he resists an affair with the widow of his cousin Danny, the boxer from Rhode Island], but is distressed to find white supremists are stirring up trouble. [ZOG appears as graffiti.] Daryl is promoted to OCB director and orders Frank to either bring Vinnie back to work, or in for debriefing. After a synagogue is trashed, Pete speaks out against the white supremists and is then murdered in a hit and run accident [by Corker], making Vinnie rejoin the OCB to find his killer. Guest Cast: Tony: Jesse Doran

School of Hard Knox
(Original airdate: 11/2/88)
Writer: Stephen Kronish; Director: Robert Iscove

Vinnie hesitantly goes back to work for the OCB under the promise they will help find Pete’s killer, but Daryl is more interested in getting his star agent to work on a “real” assignment. Richie digs himself in deeper with the Pilgrims of Promise when he uses Vinnie’s car to help rob an armored car. Depressed over Pete’s death, Vinnie turns to Angie for consolation, but they both agree they don’t want to risk their special friendship by becoming lovers. Vinnie talks Daryl into giving him weapons to sell to the Pilgrims, then he throws the bust when he sees they have Richie with them.

Revenge of the Mud People
(Original airdate: 11/9/88)
Writer: Stephen J. Cannell; Director: Bill Corcoran

Unbeknownst to Vinnie, his car was used in the robbery where an off-duty cop was killed, leading to his arrest and brutalization at the hands of the NYPD. Frank bails him out, then reluctantly lets Vinnie continue his pursuit of Knox Pooley. Vinnie tells Richie he’s a cop and asks him to help him gather evidence against the Pilgrims. Vinnie goes to a Pilgrim rally and stumbles across the truck that was used to kill Pete [finds Pete’s St. Christopher medal in the grill], then agrees to a meet with Stan in the hopes of tying Pooley to it, leading to Stan and Richie’s arrests. [Stan hangs himself in jail.] Guest Cast: Sanchez: James DiStefano; Falk: J.J. Johnston

The Last of the True Believers
(Original airdate: 11/16/88)
Writer: John Schulian; Director: Robert Iscove

Knox Pooley realizes Calvin is insane and kicks him out, causing Calvin to go off the deep end and take a famous black leader hostage. Richie becomes disenchanted when he realizes Pooley was only in it for the money. [We last see Pooley selling time shares in Florida.] Paul Beckstead takes over as director of OCB when Daryl cracks under the pressure and is dismissed for making obscene phone calls. Guest Cast: Alexander Hardin: Alan Burke; McGill: Richard Lawson

Aria for Don Aiuppo
(Original airdate: 12/7/88)
Writer: Alfonse Ruggiero Jr.; Director: Jan Eliasberg

Vinnie is questioned about his connection to Don [Raphael “Rudy Flowers”] Aiuppo, thus learning his mother is dating the retired mobster. Checking into it, he finds Rudy and Carlotta were in love as teenagers, then is stunned when Rudy proposes and she accepts. Mark digs up information showing that Rudy is in the country illegally and sets him up to be deported, not knowing it also means Carlotta will leave, too. At the last minute, Rudy changes places with his brother, Tito, who wants to return to Italy. Guest Cast: Tito: James Costy; Magdelena: Karen Kondazian; Officer Cumerford: John Destry